Lightbulb's World is an American animated show created by Stephen Hillenburg. This show is about Patrick Star, SpongeBob SquarePants and his friends in a fictional sea city called Bikini Bottom was later put on SpongeBob SquarePants. Later, they went to a fictional world called Starfish World.

The show was aired on September 10th, 1999 on CBS and was also aired on Disney XD as well. The pilot was original aired after a finale of a Toontastic Toons episode Who Shot Yee? (Part One) called The Magic Remote on CBS. Later, during September of 1999, the actual prime-time half-hour premiere was arrived with the first episode Welcome to Starfish World.

Lightbulb's World is the first show that was created by Tom Hanks right before Gravity Falls. The show received positive reviews from the critics. And the executive producer Adam Katz has produced Inanimate Insanity and Inanimate Insanity II decided to produce this show by Epic Katz Studios. They also received an Emmy Award winning show from 1995. This is the only show from Tom Hanks that is Rated TV-PG. In 1997, there was a feature-length film called Lightbulb's 1st Movie in July 20th, 2013.


Tom Hanks decided to make The Show right before Gravity Falls was came out in 2012.

This Show first appeared with a pilot episode called The Magic Remote was first aired right after The Simpsons episode Who Shot Mr. Burns (Part One) was aired on CBS. And later was released this pilot on the Starfish World: The Complete First Season on DVD. This was Stephen Hillenburg's only show that's own by Disney.

The Show has aired the official first episode, right before Gravity Falls was came out. And was called Welcome to Starfish World. Every season will have each episodes . Later in 2009, Disney XD will air Every episodes from Season 1, because it's related that Stephen Hillenburg was sign by Nickelodeon. During in 2000, The Greeny Channel was airing new episodes of Starfish World exclusive to US and Canada feed unfortunately, CBS will not air This Show again because, Stephen says The kids network should air on kids networks, because it's for kids and all ages


8 main characters are in this show: Lightbulb, Homestar, The Cheat, PacMan, Steven, Wander, Rainbow Dash and Firey. They live in the fictional world called Lightbulb' World. Everybody is funny to each alot


Broadcasting Network(s)

United States ◾The Greeny Channel (2000-present) ◾Disney Channel (1999-2010) ◾Syndicated (1997-present) ◾Disney XD (2009-present) ◾YouTube (2014-present)

Canada YTV (1999-2005) YTV 2 (1999-present) The Greeny Channel (Canadian feed) Teletoon (French) (1997-present) Austrailia FOX 8 (2006-2009) Nickelodeon (2009-present) Latin America Nickelodeon (1996-present) UK Nicktoons (1996-present) France Nickelodeon (1996-present)

Asia The Greeny Channel (2000-present) (Asian feed) Russia Cartoon Network (2012-present) Japan TV Tokyo (2001-2011) Disney XD (2011-present)

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