The following is a transcript from the 2013 movie, Lightbulb's 1st Movie

Part 1: OpeningEdit

(Shows Walt Disney Pictures logo)

(After the end of the logo, there is a glitch)

Audiences: Awwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lightbulb: Don't worry guys, it's a blackout.

Man: Get Him!!!

(Everyone ran off to the Movie Theatre)

Woman: I want my money back.

Man #1: Me too.

Man #2: Me three.

Lightbulb: Awwwwww!!!!! I wish I have a movie.

Lightbulb: Wait a minute?

(Music stops with record scratch)

Lightbulb: I want the bar to be more fancier.

(The bars cropped to 2.35.1)

Lightbulb: There!

(They fade in to Space with stars)

(The Superman Theme is playing)

Text: DISNEY presents

Text: a EPIC KATZ STUDIOS presentation

(It zooms out the title Lightbulb's 1st Movie and few seconds it fade out)

(It zooms out fast to see the earth)

(Shows a forest)

(PacMan is shown walking in the woods with his Chomper.)

PacMan: (echoes) Hello? Anyone here?

(A growl is heard.)

PacMan: What? Who's there?

(A louder growl is heard as well.)

PacMan: Come out! I have a Chomper and I'm not afraid to use it!

Wander: (echoes) PacMan.

PacMan: Huh? That sounds like...

(Wander wakes up PacMan.)

Wander: Wake up! Wake up, PacMan!

PacMan: (shaking) Woah! What the...? Wander!

Wander: Hey, Pac. What were you dreaming about?

PacMan: Well... I dreamed about when I was in the woods, and I heard a monster, but then I heard your voice in the distance... and you woke me up later on.

Wander: Eh?

PacMan: Aw, well you know what happened.

(Lightbulb opened the door and went in PacMan's room)

Lightbulb: Rise and shine, troopers. It's time to do something impossible.

PacMan: Uh, okay.

(PacMan gets out of bed and stretch his body)

Lightbulb: C'mon, everybody. Let's go!

Wander: Um, come again?

Lightbulb: We've had to pick up Homestar, The Cheat, Steven, Wander, Rainbow Dash and Firey from a house! (smiles) Now let's move!

PacMan: Great! I'll grab my stuff!

Lightbulb: There's no time to do that now. Get into the car.

(Lightbulb walks out of PacMan's room then comes back in)

Lightbulb: You know what I'm saying, let's move!

(Lightbulb, PacMan, and Wander went out of PacMan's room and they went down stairs anyways)

MePhone4: Who is up for Nites?

Wander and PacMan: I do! I do! I do!

Lightbulb: What about me?

PacMan: I want syrup!

MePhone4: Okay, let me cut in half.

(Lightbulb, PacMan & Wander (minus Margo) eating breakfast)

Lightbulb: Okay, we have to pick up Homestar, The Cheat, Steven, Wander, Rainbow Dash and Firey from their House, then we'll create the plan to stop Lord Business from ending the world. Is that okay?

Wander: Okay!

Lightbulb: All right, let's get in the Car.

(They went outside of the house)

Part 2: The CarEdit

Lightbulb: Alright, alright, alright, get the heck in this Car now, troopers. Go go go go go go go!

(Main characters (minus Homestar, The Cheat, Steven, Wander, Rainbow Dash and Firey) are in the Geo car)

Lightbulb: Okay, are you all set?

Main characters (minus Lightbulb and Homestar, The Cheat, Steven, Wander, Rainbow Dash and Firey): Sir, yes sir!

Lightbulb: Alright then. (starts the engine) Let's go!

(The Car drove to a House)

(Fades to their House as the Car arrives)

(Homestar, The Cheat, Steven, Wander, Rainbow Dash and Firey opens the door)

Homestar, The Cheat, Steven, Wander, Rainbow Dash and Firey: Bye, Mr. Felipe.

Felipebross: Goodbye Homestar, The Cheat, Steven, Wander, Rainbow Dash and Firey. (walks away)

Lightbulb: Let's go!

(The Car drove away)

Lightbulb: Now who wants ice cream?

Main characters (minus Lightbulb): I do! I do! I do!

More coming soon!

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